Brighter Light Behavioral Health Services
No stars whatsoever. This provider is a fraud and is only out for money. I wanted to share my experience to others so hopefully some people will benefit from never seeing this horrible, thief of a, “doctor”. To sum it all up in Jan 23 I reached out to him and was going to see if his practice took my insurance but he did not at the time so we agreed to go ahead and cancel. Then I recently made a new appointment with another provider through Zocdoc and Stanley Okeyemi illegally accessed my bank information and charged me for a canceled visit back in Jan 23. I absolutely did not in any way give him authorization to do so nor did I give him permission. I am in the medical field so in my medical opinion he should most definitely not be practicing medicine. He committed fraud and indefinite. He is a coward and is only out for $. I can tell you in enough words about how horrible and just disgusting this Stanley guy is. He does not deserve to be called a doctor. Hopefully after this is over I will have his license at the very least. Please if anyone is reading this DO NOT schedule a visit with this coward. I am in the medical field and my medical opinion is all true facts.

Mar 30, 2024